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Travel Choice Cars is providing car hire bookings online for more than a decade now.
As part of the Portugal online group we started to provide car hire services in the Algarve, Portugal in partnership with the most reputable rent a car companies in the Algarve. The crescent demand from our customers leaded us to start offering car hire bookings all over Portugal, to Lisbon an Porto airport and also to the main cities where car hire delivery is possible.

With the increase of car hire market worldwide and once again responding to the solicitation of many customers that wanted to use our services even when not going to Portugal, we decided to open our car hire offer to worldwide requests. So we partnered with a major car hire broker company being able to offer the best prices for worldwide car hire while providing quality car delivery by professionals from the main international companies but also from the most reputable local car hire companies in each country.
So if you are booking with us you may be sure of getting and excellent car hire service at the most competitive prices in the market.

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Car Hire is an important part on your travel plans. So the cheaper you get your car hire price, the cheaper you will get your overall travel holidays.
Car Hire CDW Included Collison Damage Waiver
Car Hire Theft Waiver Included Theft Waiver
Car Hire Liability Insurance Included Liability Insurance
Car Hire Unlimited Mileage Included Unlimited Mileage
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Booking your holiday car hire with us you get


Save on car hire rates and get your holidays at a cheaper price. When you rent a car with TravelChoiceCars.com not only you can be sure of renting a first class car hire service but also at a fair budget price, leaving you that extra money to spend in your holidays.